Mossberg 500 FLEX 18.5" (Parkerized Matte Finish) 18 INCH Barrel Factory Heat Shield Tactical HOME DEFENSE KIT

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18.5" Barrel HOME DEFENSE KIT With for Mossberg and Maverick Shotguns

"The ultimate kit for a home defense shotgun builder"

About the barrel:


-Turn Grandpa's old Duck-gun into a viable Home-Defense weapan. 

-The ultimate upgrade for the home defense shotgun builder.


-Excellent around tight corners and home hallways.

-Shoots 2 3/4" shells in 2 3/4" receivers

-Factory OEM Mossberg branded barrel

-Shoots 3" and 2 3/4" Mag Shells ONLY in 3" receivers.

-Heavy-walled parkerized barrel in black finish.

-Brass bead sight.

-Installs in 30 seconds


-We warranty everything we sell FOR LIFE!  You Break it, Lose it, or THROW IT OFF A CLIFF.....We will replace it for LIFE!