FDE Fits Pardner Pump CUSTOM DURACOAT Heat Shield Tactical Shotgun 12 Gauge

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FDE Duracoated (Flat Desert Sand) Heat Shield to fit Pardner Pump 12 guage smooth barrels

Shield made in the USA in Plano, TX.  Custom FDE Duracoated in San Diego by GF Tactical. Coating is professionally applied (sprayed and cured) and will 'patina' over time.  Will show marks, scratches, and wear for a true 'battle-worn' look. (Please send cool photos our way!)

-Made of virtually indestructible Plasticote Zytel Fiberglass

-Overall length is 13.65" in overall length (fits LOTS of other guns if there is room for it on the smooth barrel)

-Will not scratch barrel like metal heat shields will.

-Fits ALL Smooth barrel lengths, including 18 inch barrels

-Will not add noticeable weight to your gun.

-Will not rust.

-Will not melt.

-When it comes to heat shields, plastic fiberglass is BETTER!

-Plasticote Fiberglass conducts heat 10X less than metal heat shields.

-Simple 2-minute installation with included hardware (see photo for positioning behind retainer).

-Perfect for active handling and tactical/military applications.

-Will not fit short "Breacher" model shotguns or 590A1 Heavy Barrel model .

-Also fits a Maverick 88 great!

-Best of all, we warranty these for LIFE!! You break it; lose a screw; or throw it off a cliff.......we replace it FOREVER!