SUREFIRE TORCH + Aluminum Remington 870 Forend Flashlight HEAVYWEIGHT!

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Remington 870 Milled Aluminum Forend + SUREFIRE G2X Flashlight

The 'poor mans' Surefire forend.  We are joking OBVIOUSLY because Surefire gear is the most EXPENSIVE in the world.  We know its hard to get a rig running for under $400 running Surefire.  This kit uses the finest components we sell to create a cool (and affordable) rig!!  Includes Torch Mount, Surefire 600 Lumen Torch (Both USA Made by USA grade companies); and our favorite Aim forend for Maverick forend styles.  We are nice guys and we guarantee this kit will outlive you.  If it doesn't.........We warranty everything we sell for LIFE!

Whats in the Kit:

G2X TACTICALSingle-Output LED Flashlight

• 600 lumens of tactical-level max output
• Precision parabolic reflector focuses beam with plenty of reach and surround light
• Resilient polymer body can take punishment in any climate
Pursue With Single-Minded Focus. The G2X Tactical excels at the single most critical task of any tactical light by providing a brilliant, penetrating 600-lumen beam with the touch of its press/click tactical tailcap. Its lightweight, high-strength polymer body is comfortable to hold even when the hottest of pursuits take place in the coldest conditions. Equipped with a virtually indestructible LED precision reflector that creates a smooth, optimized beam with plenty of reach and surround light, the G2X Tactical is the ultimate budget-minded tactical light.

-Kit includes ‘Right Side’ Mount

The Rail Light Mount fits on any standard 1913 Picatinny Rail, and integrates with rails of the forend. It positions the weapon light high and cantilevered forward at the 11 o’clock or 1 o’clock position. This allows a more forward support hand position, keeping the light tucked in close to the bore and minimizing barrel shadow.
A textured thumb ramp is integrated to provide the user an index point, aiding consistent hand placement and light activation. Constructed of reinforced polymer, the Rail Light Mount nearly eliminates all light compatibility concerns by conveniently including everything you need to mount Surefire 300 and 600 series Scout Lights, 1913 Picatinny attachment pistol lights, and all light bodies from 0.75″ to 1.03″ in diameter via the included set of anodized aluminum mounting rings. Models are available to position the light high at 11 o’clock (LT, Left side model) or one o’clock (RT, Right side model).
All Made in the USA

-Replaces factory forend.

-Excellent for Wet-handed/Dirty conditions.

-Milled-aluminum side-rails (Excellent for accessories mounting)

-The forend is constructed of virtually indestructible and fully weatherproof/heatproof nylon.

-Choate style 7 3/4" length.

-You can bang on this thing with a sledgehammer and it will not break.

-Ships out within hours of purchase.

Thanks again and happy bidding.

We warranty everything we sell for LIFE! You drop it, throw it off a cliff, or lose it........and we replace it for LIFE!