REMINGTON 870 Shotgun Forend Stock Pistol Grip Six Position 6 Adjustable

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$1.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


Remington 870 Milled Tactical Forend & Pistol Grip Stock (Milled aluminum side-rails)


-Includes adjustable stock and grip on a standard (Commercial) Aluminum buffer tube.

-Six Positions and INCLUDES Rear Rubber buttpad. -Ergonomic Pistol Grip can also be ran solo (By unscrewing buffer tube)

-Also includes 2 sling mounting loops

-Excellent for compacting your shotgun for truck or closet storage.

-Excellent around tight hallways.

-We warranty these stocks for LIFE!

-For sale is one Aircrat-grade Milled aluminum forend with 3 milled aluminum picatinny rails

-Replaces factory forend.

-Excellent for Wet-handed/Dirty conditions.

-Milled-aluminum side-rails (Excellent for accessories mounting)

-Mount a vertical-grip in seconds.

-The forend is constructed of virtually indestructible and fully weatherproof/heatproof Aluminum (weighs over a pound).


-You can bang on this thing with a sledgehammer and it will not break.