Mossberg 590 KUNG FU GRIP (DFCO) + Mesa Tactical Airlight Stock Shotgun Kit DIE FREE

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Mesa Tactical + DieFreeCo + Airlight Collaboration Defense Kit Telescoping Magpul Buttstock, DFCO Pistol Grip for the 12 Gauge Shotgun

"The ultimate kit for a home Mossberg 12 gauge builder"

LEO stock adapters can be fitted to 12 gauge  shotguns;

-Black Finished Airlight Stock with black DFCO KUNG FU Grip.
-The ultimate tactical shotgun setup, ideal for your home-defense gun.
-Includes Airlight stock. Mesa Tactical LEO Adaptor Kit, and DFCO grip.
-Telescoping stock with adjustable length of pull, adjusts to thick clothing or body armor.
-Milspec stock and Milspec buffer tube and castle nut included (no spring required)

About The Stock:

-The ultimate upgrade for the home defense shotgun builder.
-Fits Milspec Buffer.
-Aluminum buffer tube included
-Excellent around tight corners and home home or office.

Technical Information:

Mil-Spec Stock:
Tube Diameter: 1.145" to 1.150"
Weight: 0.50 LB
Length of Pull: 10.70" to 13.95"

About the Mesa Tactical Adaptor:

The most important capability of these adapters is to facilitate the use of collapsing or telescoping stocks, which provide a shorter length of pull (LoP) than the factory stock, which is especially important for law enforcement or “tactical” operators. In addition, these stock adapters accept a hydraulic buffer from Crosshair™ that reduces felt recoil. The Mesa Tactical Adaptor is by far the most robust and most effective of several shotgun stock systems on the market.

About the Kung Fu Grip:

Contrary to popular belief, not everybody was Kung Fu fighting. But you're with DFCO, so we know you get down.  Congratulations on being awesome.

Designed for Modern platforms, the Kung Fu Grip has a reduced angle providing a natural fighting posture when firing from modern standing and prone positions.  It improves comfort when installed on firearms with a shorter length of pull, but feels right at
Home on other platforms too.


The 12º angle brings the average person's hand, wrist, and forearm in line with one another, alleviating tension on the ulnar nerve and increasing freedom of movement of the hand and fingers compared to other grips. The enhanced finger groove allows for a repeatable purchase on the grip and further reduces hand fatigue by discouraging the shooter from white knuckle gripping.



Die Free Co Grip Plug Coming Soon.



  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • 12º Grip Angle
  • Durable Nylon
  • Retro Texture

NOTE: While compatible with the above mentioned platforms, some configurations may leave an aesthetic gap between the grip tang and receiver.  This will not affect the function or reliability of the Kung Fu Grip, or the platform it's installed on. 

"But where's the Stoner Grip?!"

The KFG is the next iteration of our stoner grip.  We've made several ergonomic and aesthetic improvements over the original and went away from the grip tape.  We also invested in a production mold to improve quality control and reduce the cost, which we thought you'd appreciate.