MFT Minimalist Mossberg 500 590 Stock + FOREND 6 Position Pistol Grip Stock Collapsable

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MFT MInimalist Collaboration Defense Kit Telescoping MFT Buttstock + Adaptor + Pistol Grip, Tube & Castle Nut 12 Gauge Shotgun 


About the Stock Tube:

-The ultimate upgrade for the home defense shotgun builder.
-Made in the USA by Magpul.
-Fits Milspec Buffer.
-Aluminum buffer tube included
-Excellent around tight corners and home home or office.

-The ultimate tactical shotgun setup, ideal for your home-defense gun.
-Perfect for Telescoping stock with adjustable length of pull, adjusts to thick clothing or body armor.
-Milspec tube and Milspec castle nut included (no spring required)


Mossberg 500 Tactical Forend & Pistol Grip + FAB Defense Stock Stock (Recoil Reducing)



-Includes adjustable stock and grip on a standard (Commercial) Aluminum base.

-Excellent for compacting your shotgun for truck or closet storage.

-Excellent around tight hallways.

-We warranty these stocks for LIFE!

-For sale is one synthetic black nylon shotgun forend to fit all Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotguns with 7 3/4" Tubes (You will need a $10 adaptor if you have a 6 1/2" tube).

-Replaces factory forend.

-Excellent for Wet-handed/Dirty conditions.

-Milled-aluminum side-rails (Excellent for accessories mounting)

-Mount a vertical-grip in seconds.

-The forend is constructed of virtually indestructible and fully weatherproof/heatproof nylon.

-Choate style 7 3/4" length.

-You can bang on this thing with a sledgehammer and it will not break.



-Ships out within hours of purchase.

About the Stock:

-The ultimate upgrade for the home defense shotgun builder.
-Made in Israel.
-Fits Milspec tube.
-Aluminum tube included
-USA Made
-Snug fit
-RECOIL REDUCING Function integrated in buttstock!