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Hogue 'Tamer' Stock for Shotguns (FITS 20 Gauge with the Assistance of the Mesa Tactical 'Lucy' Adaptor!)

  Hogue OverMolded Shotgun pistol grips feature our new Tamer™ grip technology. Hogue manufactures the grip used on the Rem which incorporates a special Tamer insert under the web of the hand. For those who have shot the Remington 870 or Pardner you know this forend works! The exclusive Hogue Tamer Forend features Hogues' famous orthopedic hand shape with compound palm swells and proportioned finger grooves and utilizes an internal Tamer recoil cushion that dampens the painful recoil of magnum loads.

-New with no packaging.

-13.5" LOP

-OverMolded with soft pebble rubber.

-Used most commonly in Military/Law Enforcement/Tactical applications. 

-Includes a Mesa Tactical 'Lucy' adaptor for 20 gauge)

-Replaces factory Stock with a more robust construction. .

-Excellent for Wet-handed/Dirty conditions.

-You can bang on this thing with a sledgehammer and it will not break.

About the Lucy Adaptor:

Lucy® Stock Adapter for 20 GA Shotguns (Rem 870)

Mesa Tactical’s Lucy stock adapter dramatically increases the number of butt stocks that can be used with 20 gauge Remington 870/1100/1187 shotguns. Attached at the receiver in place of a standard 20 gauge stock, this cast steel adapter enables the use of a 12 gauge Remington 870 stock. There are many more 12 gauge stocks to choose from than 20 gauge, including Mesa Tactical’s Urbino stock.


20 gauge Remington 870s can use a Mesa Tactical Lucy adapter with a telescoping stock adapter kit and even the hydraulic buffer system.


The Lucy adapter simply bolts to the back of a 20 gauge 870/1100/1187 receiver, allowing the 12 gauge stock to then rigidly bolt to the adapter. 20 gauge Remington 870/1100/1187 are excellent platforms for personal defense, but suffer from fewer tactical butt stock offerings than 12 gauge counterparts. The Lucy adapter solves this problem.