Hogue 'TAMER' Forend for Pardner Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun Pump Rubber New England

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Hogue 'Tamer' Forend for Pardner Pump Shotguns

Hogue OverMolded Shotgun pistol grips feature our new Tamer™ grip technology. Hogue manufactures the grip used on the Remington 870 which incorporates a special Tamer insert under the web of the hand. For those who have shot the
Pardner Pump you know this forend works! The exclusive Hogue Tamer Forend features Hogues' famous orthopedic hand shape with compound palm swells and proportioned finger grooves and utilizes an internal Tamer recoil cushion that dampens the painful recoil of magnum loads.

-New with no packaging (we take them out of combo packs).

-OverMolded with soft pebble rubber.

-Used most commonly in Military/Law Enforcement/Tactical applications.

-Fits 12 gauge models only.

-Will not fit 20 gauge models.

-Feel confident buying from a trusted EBAY Pro!

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