Custom HAZY VAPOR Remington 1100 TacStar 6RD Sidesaddle Shell Carrier US MADE

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(Custom Duracoat) Remington 870/11-87/1100  6 Shot Sidesaddle Shell Carrier

Sidesaddle made in the USA in CT.  Custom 'Hazy Scales' Duracoated in San Diego by SS Tactical. Coating is professionally applied (sprayed and cured) and will 'patina' over time.  Will show marks, scratches, and wear for a true 'battle-worn' look. (Please send cool photos our way!)

-Each Saddle is Unique in Pattern.

-Underbelly is kept black.

-Choose Between the FDE (Flat Dessert Earth) and ODG (Olive Drab Green) over-sprayed on a black base.

Our 6-shot Remington 870/1100/11-87 SideSaddle Shotshell Carrier is the perfect accessory for all your hunting or tactical shotguns. The SideSaddle mounts easily to the left side of the receiver and requires no modifications to the firearm. Our rugged SideSaddles keep extra shells securely in place and in the perfect location for fast reloading.

Unbreakable, corrosion-resistant polymer shell holder
Rugged, aluminum backing plate
Easy mounting, no gunsmith design
6-shot capacity

Tough shell retention for Six Extra rounds of buckshot. Insert upside down or right side up.


Lifetime Warranty!

12 gauge

Condition is New.

Shipped with USPS

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