BURIED TREASURE! OEM Remington 870 Heat Shield Tactical OLD STOCK Shotgun STEEL

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$1.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

For sale is one OEM (OLD STOCK) Steel Heat Shield to fit Remington 870 12 gauge smooth barrels.


Unique product that just came into the shop.  ORIGINAL OEM Steel Remington 870 heat shields from the archives!  Remington no longer makes these so they are incredibly rare to stumble upon!  May have minor blemishes or minuscule rust. 


-REMINGTON SHIELDS will fit in FRONT of the retaining lug (Muzzle End).

-Fits ALL Smooth barrel lengths, including 18 inch barrels

-Will not melt.

-Perfect for active handling and tactical/military applications.

-We warranty everything we sell for LIFE.  Break it, Lose it, Destroy it, and we REPLACE IT.  Forever!