Breecher Tactical Chrome-Lined HOME DEFENSE BARREL Fits REMINGTON 870 12GA 18.5"

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18.5" Barrel Combo for Remington 870 (Includes Breecher Cylinder Choke Made to Fit Remington)
"The ultimate kit for a home defense 870 builder"
About the barrel:
-Chrome-molly lined barrel.
-The ultimate upgrade for the home defense shotgun builder.
-Excellent around tight corners and home hallways.
-Removable heat shield prevents burns during rapid fire and reloading.
-Shoots 2 3/4" shells in 2 3/4" receivers
-Shoots 3" and 2 3/4" Mag Shells ONLY in 3" receivers.
-Heavy-walled parkerized barrel in black finish.
-Brass bead sight.
-Installs in 30 seconds

Carlson's high quality accessory barrels are made for Remington 870® models. All barrels are constructed from certified ordinance grade 4140 steel with chrome lined bores. Vent rib models have a satin matte blue finish with brass center bead.

All 18 1/2" barrels are non vent ribbed and have a ramped front sight with a matte finish. Each barrel comes with a Carlson choke tube, manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel except for the rifled choke tube models which are made from 304 high stress stainless steel, installed. All of our Remington 870® replacement barrels are threaded for the standard Rem Choke system. Enhance the versatility and performance of your shotgun with a Carlson's replacement shotgun barrel. Fits Remington 870 12ga only.


About The Choke




-4" Overall Length (Protrudes 2" past Muzzle)


-Manufactured by Carlson's


-Ported with jagged breachers teeth
-Door-breaching Ports
-Threaded for Remington Chokes
-Made in the USA.