Beretta 1301 CUSTOM FDE SPRAYED Heat Shield +Ranger Bands® Shotgun Fit Mod 1 & 2

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CUSTOM Heat Shield to fit The 1301 With Mod 0, 1, & 2 Factory Handguards with the Ranger Bands® Hack


Custom FDE SOLID Block Sprayed in Ormond Beach Florida by SS Tactical. Coating is professionally applied (sprayed and cured) and will 'patina' over time. Will show marks, scratches, and wear for a true 'battle-worn' look. (Please send cool photos our way!)

You pick the color and pattern!  We have all shields in black color.  We then coat them with a light coat of Silver and Matte-black grid pattern spray.

Its a BEAUTIFUL DAY in the Semi-Auto shotgun world!  We now have modified heat shields to fit the 1301 (All generations)

The Free-float shield secures to the rear using the tension of the rear high-tenstile Ranger Band (No cutting or Dremeling needed.  Installs in 2 Minutes. No Scratches and all parts warrantied for LIFE.


This is our NEWEST (due to customers asking us to make one!) version of our Heat Shield that uses a SINGLE (Muzzle-end) bracket.  This allows the shield to butt-up to the receiver and secure securely to the front.  Only one bracket is needed on this model and it offers a bit more of the 'classic' tench-gun look with 2 3/4" of exposed barrel.  The overall length of the shield is about 13.75".  


Some photos show our standard heat shield for demonstration purposes on various guns (Buyer receives a 'single bracket' version shield measuring 13.75")


 These are hand-fit on our in-house 1301 Beretta to fit the dimensions of the gun (also fits the 'Mod 2.0' Forend).  Design uses the FRONT BRACKET only for geometry reasons.  Shield will also accommodate your front brass bead sight as well as blade sights.   All hardware and brackets are included.   This a 'rough-cut' modification, so its not going to be 100% free of burrs or sanding marks, but we will keep the price reasonable on the labor costs.  As usual, all our shields are warrantied FOR LIFE! You break it, lose it, or throw it off a CLIFF......we will replace it for LIFE.

Remember, this is a prototype, and if you dont like it, shoot us a ring.  We are NICE GUYS!




-Made of virtually indestructable Plasticote Zytel Fiberglass

-Will not scratch barrel like metal heat shields will.

-Will not add noticeable weight to your gun (weighs 1.7oz.  Less than a shot of whiskey)

-Will not rust.

-Will not melt.

-When it comes to heat shields, plastic fiberglass is BETTER!

-Plasticote Fiberglass conducts heat 10X less than metal heat shields.

-Simple 2-minute installation with included hardware (see photo for positioning behind retainer).

-Perfect for active handling and tactical/military applications.

-Accomadates your brass-bead (so no need to remove it)

-Happy bidding and Email for any questions. I take pride in my ultra-fast shipping and positive feedback. Product usually leaves our office within 1-2 Days of payment received (Give us 24 hours to modify your Heat Shield)


Ranger Bands® is our registered Trademark manufactured in the USA. 


Ranger Bands are strong, super durable rubber bands, which are known for being useful in a variety of applications. Ranger Bands are said to have been first adopted by Army Rangers. Now used by all branches of the military, parachutists, police, swat, homeland security, border patrol and outdoor enthusiasts.  

We began making Ranger Bands for the public years ago for attaching items to military style backpacks. Strapping small survival kits closed. Fire starters for survival situations they start easy and burn hot. Non slip gripping surface for items like flash lights, gun grips, and knife sheaths. They are also good for anything else that you can think of.

I started off using a jig to cut up used bicycle tubes in 2004 working for J&B Importers we just moved to are new warehouse from Fontana to Redlands CA , in 2008 I went to new bicycle tubes.  I couldn't keep up with my sales and needed an automated way to produce the bands. Got some quotes from Taiwan but decided I wanted Made in the USA. I found a US manufacture in 2014 that was all ready making products from EPDM rubber for the US ARMY.  We worked together on the creation of 9 sizes in two different formulas of EPDM rubber.