5 Pack Wilson Combat 1911 Tactical Elite Magazines Mag 8 Round Stainless Mags !!

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 2 Pack of Wilson Combat 47OX 7-Round Officers 1911 Magazines NEW 

"The most reliable magazine in the world!"

-Two Pack of Stainless Wilson Combat 47OX 7-round 1911 Magazines.

-Brand new in factory packaging.
-With Standard Slam Pad.
-The Best Mag in the business. Fully Factory Guaranteed.
-The Cheapest way to ensure PERFECT pistol function.
-1911 Officers or Subcombact. The magazine holds 7 rounds of ammunition and has a stainless steel finish.
-Single-stack magazine 
- Model Colt 1911 Officers
- Finish/Color- Stainless
- Caliber 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)

The ETM started with a blank sheet of paper and 30+ years of 1911 and 1911 magazine experience. It WILL set a new standard in 1911 magazines while redefining state-of-the-art.

  • Increases Reliability in ALL 1911 Pistols


  • Aircraft Grade Certified Stainless Steel Tube Resists Corrosion


  • Refined Radius for Each Bend in the Tube to Take Advantage of the Strength in the Stainless Steel


  • Proprietary, Custom Designed Welding Process


  • Proprietary Multi-Step Tumbling and Finishing Process Provides Smooth Follower Operation and Insertion into the Weapon


  • Innovative Follower Design With its Extended Skirt Ensures Stability in Operation and Minimizes Creep from the Tube when the Magazine is Empty


  • Fiber-Fill Nylon Self-Lubricating Follower Provides Smooth Round Feeding


  • Positive Slide-Lock After the Last Round has been Fired


  • Space-Age Stainless Steel Spring Wire is Phenomenal for Spring Life


  • The ETM Seats and Locks in the Weapon with the Slide Down


  • Removable Base Pad for Easy Maintenance and Versatility with Different Base Pad Options


  • The Quality Control Behind the ETM Promises a Lifetime of Smooth and Reliable Operation


  • No-Risk Service Policy - If It Breaks from Normal Use, Wilson will Replace It!

- Feel Free to ask any questions you may have and Shipping is only $3.00!!!!

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