.410 MOSSBERG SHOCKWAVE Tactical STEEL HEAT SHIELD 12 Gauge Smooth Barrel 410

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$1.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Heat Shield to fit Mossberg 500 Shockwave 12 or 20 Gauge 
WILL NOT FIT 590 Thick barrel Full-size 590's (but, possible with mods)And will fit the 590 Shockwave WITHOUT mods.
Heat shield is made from black high-quality steel and includes all necessary hardware. Includes 2 short bolts for thinner barrels and 20 gauge guns. Two longer screws for heavier barrels.
-Shield is 13.75 inches  long. 
-May slightly block the finger screw used to remove barrel (narrows the space, so removing the shield or strong fingers allow for barrel removal)
-Barrel must be clear and smooth from the receiver 13 3/4" down the barrel (No mid-length sights).
-May need to bend shield to hug the barrel tighter to accomodate Magp*l forends (See youtube for mods.)
-Fits ALL Smooth barrel lengths, including 18 inch barrels
-Will not add noticeable weight to your gun.
-Will not rust.
-Will not melt.
-Will not fit short "Breacher" model shotguns or 590A1 Heavy Barrel model Full Size Guns (Will fit a shockwave 590.

-Also fits a Maverick 88 great!


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