3 Pack Ruger CLEAR Magazines .22lr Mags Pouch Alangator Trimag 10/22 10 22 10RD

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For sale is a Three-pack (3) NEW Ruger .22lr CLEAR Box Mags and Alangator TriMag Magazine Connector And Alangator Pouch for your Ruger 10/22 Rifle

--Three Pack (Includes three Ruger BRAND NAME mags and 1 Alangator)
-Simple screw clamp connects three of your Ruger 10/22 .22lr Magazines together for fast reloading.
-Carry three mags instead of one.
-Waste less time reloading and more time practicing.
-Pouch carries all three mags in the tri-mag connector.
-Made of impact-resistant polymer in clear.
-Excellent for California and Mass. Shooters who cannot own 10+ Round Mags.
-You will be shooting, while your range pals are reloading.
-Fits Three 10 round mags snugly in place -Rotary style.
-Made in the USA in Hayden Lake Idaho. 
-Drawing of rifle with TriMagProduct

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