3-Pack 22 LR Fits Remington Fits 511 513 521 .22lr 5 RD Magazine Mag USA MADE!

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3-Pack 5-Round Magazines For Remington 511, 513, and 521 Rifles

-Buyer receives  Reproduction Remington 511, 513, and 521 Magazines
-Manufactured in the USA by Wisner Inc in Washington State.
-Premium quality mags at about half the price other reproducers of obsolete parts would charge you for.

-5 round 
-Made In the USA
- Blue/Black Easy loading finish.  Stainless follower.
- Rugged high carbon heat-treated body 
- Durable heat-treated v-wire spring 
- High-quality with a black finish 
- Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. a description for this product here...