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Collaboration Defense Kit Telescoping Pistol Grip Adaptor, Tube, Sling, Swivel & Castle Nut 12 Gauge Shotgun Kit(No Stock Included)

Transition Kit includes ALMOST everything you need to run a stock or a Pistol Grip Configuration (No stock included).  Includes:

-Upright threaded Pistol Grip (Mossberg pattern has finger Grooves, Remington patter is smooth) Both Pictured
-Milspec Buffer tube and castle nut
-Milled-aluminum Sling swivel adaptor
-Heavy FDE Single-Point Sling (Adjustable) 

"The ultimate kit for a home 12 Gauge Home Defense Builder"
-Telescoping stock with adjustable length of pull, adjusts to thick clothing or body armor.
-Milspec stock and Milspec buffer tube and castle nut included (no spring required)

About the Stock Tube:
-The ultimate upgrade for the home defense shotgun builder.
-Milled aluminum
-Fits Milspec Buffer.
-Aluminum buffer tube included
-Excellent around tight corners and home home or office.
-The ultimate tactical shotgun setup, ideal for your home-defense gun.
-Perfect for Telescoping stock with adjustable length of pull, adjusts to thick clothing or body armor.
-Milspec tube and Milspec castle nut included (no spring required)
Technical Information: 

Mil-Spec tube:

  • Tube Diameter: 1.145" to 1.150"
  • Weight: 0.50 LB
  • Length of Pull: 10.70" to 13.95"


ABOUT THE QD SINGLE-Point Sling Grip Kit
Designed with modern squared shooting stances in mind. This grip was built from the ground up to fit to the ergonomics of the human hand.
-Durable polymer construction 
-Ergonomic design with Light texturing, with front and back serrations 
-No Gunsmithing required
Threaded opening in the rear accepts Plugs and certain buttpads.
*Please note the photo depicting the shotgun with the grip is for illustrative purposes for fittING only.  This listing is for ONLY The Grip, Hardware, and Custom Sling.