20 Gauge Mossberg 500 K2 UPRIGHT GRIP MFT MINIMALIST Mesa Stock PISTOL Stock

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Magpul + Mesa + Mission First Tactical Collaboration Defense Kit Telescoping Magpul Buttstock, Magpul K2+ UPRIGHT Rubberized Pistol Grip for the 12 Gauge Shotgun

"The ultimate kit for a home 12 Gauge Home Defense Builder"

-Black Finished Magpul Stock with the NEW K2+ UPRIGHT Rubberized Magpul grip.
-The ultimate tactical shotgun setup, ideal for your home-defense gun.
-Includes Magpul stock. Mesa Tactical LEO Adaptor Kit, and Hogue grip.
-Telescoping stock with adjustable length of pull, adjusts to thick clothing or body armor.
-Milspec stock and Milspec buffer tube and castle nut included (no spring required)

About the Mesa Tactical Adaptor:

The most important capability of these adapters is to facilitate the use of collapsing or telescoping stocks, which provide a shorter length of pull (LoP) than the factory stock, which is especially important for law enforcement or “tactical” operators. In addition, these stock adapters accept a hydraulic buffer from Kynshot™ (They are an extra $100 if you wanted to add one to your kit)  that reduces felt recoil. The Mesa Tactical Adaptor is by far the most robust and most effective of several shotgun stock systems on the market.




MFT Battlelink™ Extreme Duty Minimalist Stock is built based on our popular Minimalist Stock platform. Recognizing the need for a more robust stock capable of withstanding long term abuse delivered by larger caliber firearms such as tactical shotguns of 12 gauge or 7.62X51 AR-10 while remaining nimble enough for use on a 5.56.
• Slide-on replacement for collapsible butt stock
• Angled non-slip rubberized removable buttpad allows faster presentation
• Multiple Sling Slots with single point mount points
• Quick Detach Sling mounting point is positioned in the rear
• Upper section provides enhanced cheek weld
• Single MLOK connection point
• Modular Buffer Tube Plunger System, reinforced with a metal chassis



All of the functional requirements are met while keeping the weight under 6 ounces. This stock adapts and changes to your environment or operational needs by utilizing custom accessory mounts and accepts a new optimized sling configuration. The lightest stock of its kind in the market.

- Slide-on replacement for collapsible butt stock
- Angled non-slip rubberized buttpad allows faster presentation, even with body armor
- Multiple Sling Slots with single point mounting
- Quick Detach Sling mounting point is positioned for optimum usage including ambidextrous shooters
- Upper section provides enhanced cheek weld
- MilSpec Buffer Tube Spec

Mil Spec size 1.148 diameter receiver extensions (buffer tube)

Weight: 5.8oz

Height: 5.22"

Width: 1.752"

Length: 7.084"


About The Stock:

-The ultimate upgrade for the home defense shotgun builder.
-Made in the MFT Tactical.
-Fits Milspec Buffer.
-Black colorway with cheek-weld.
-Aluminum buffer tube included
-Excellent around tight corners and home home or office.

Technical Information:

Mil-Spec Stock:
Tube Diameter: 1.145" to 1.150"
Weight: 0.50 LB
Length of Pull: 10.70" to 13.95"