2-Pack ELITE .38 SLAM PAD Super 1911 38 Magazine Mag 9 RD Removable Base

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2 Pack 9 Round .38 Super 1911 (Full Size) Magazines NEW  Semi-Gloss Dull Stainless

-Two Pack of Stainless Blue Taurus 9-round 1911 .38 Super Government Magazines. 
-Enough firepower to plow your way through Hell.
-Made In USA, In Connecticut
-Clear Witness holes to the 9th round.
-Brand new fresh from the manufacturer. 
-One of the best mags in the business. Fully Factory Guaranteed. 
-The Cheapest way to ensure PERFECT pistol function. 
-1911 GOVERNMENT The magazine holds 9 rounds of ammunition and has a stainless steel finish. on 
-Fits all Full-Size 1911 Model Pistols in .38 super
- Model Colt 1911 .38
- Finish/Color- Dull Stainless
- Feel Free to ask any questions you may have.

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