KYNSHOT Recoil REDUCING Maverick 88 Daniel Defense + Magpul + Mesa + Stock PISTOL GRIP Shotgun 12G

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Kynshot + Daniel Defense + Magpul + Mesa Tactical + Collaboration Defense Kit Telescoping Buttstock, Magpul Pistol Grip for the 12 Gauge Shotgun

"The ultimate kit for a home 12-gauge builder"

-Black Finished Magpul Stock with black Magpul 'K-Grip' grip.
-The ultimate tactical shotgun setup, ideal for your home-defense gun.
-Includes Magpul stock. Mesa Tactical LEO Adaptor Kit, and Magpul grip.
-Telescoping stock with adjustable length of pull, adjusts to thick clothing or body armor.
-Milspec stock and Milspec buffer tube and castle nut included (no spring required)

About The Stock:

-The ultimate upgrade for the home defense shotgun builder.
-Made in the USA by Daniel Defense.
-Fits Milspec Buffer.
-Black colorway with rubberized cheek-weld.
-Aluminum buffer tube included
-Excellent around tight corners and home home or office.

Technical Information:

Mil-Spec Stock:
Tube Diameter: 1.145" to 1.150"
Weight: 0.50 LB
Length of Pull: 10.70" to 13.95"

About the Mesa Tactical Adaptor:

The most important capability of these adapters is to facilitate the use of collapsing or telescoping stocks, which provide a shorter length of pull (LoP) than the factory stock, which is especially important for law enforcement or “tactical” operators. In addition, these stock adapters accept a hydraulic buffer from Crosshair™  that reduces felt recoil. The Mesa Tactical Adaptor is by far the most robust and most effective of several shotgun stock systems on the market.


Kynshot Hydraulic Recoil Buffer (Mil-spec) (Adjustable) 

KynSHOT RB5100 Adjustable Shotgun Recoil Buffer
The KynSHOT RB5100 Shotgun Recoil Buffer features the latest advances in recoil management, allowing users to stay tighter on target, reduce muzzle lift and felt recoil as well as decreasing time to reacquire the target. The KynSHOT RB5100 is a shock absorber designed to be used as the stock tube on shotguns that have AR-15 stock adapters. The KynSHOT RB5100 can mount to any mil-spec collapsible stock. The unit will compress up to 3/4" as the shotgun recoils. This is the most effective type of recoil reducer you can put on a shotgun and provides dramatic recoil reduction. (ECCN Controlled)

Recoil reduction up to 90%
Adjustable to fit user's feel and load
Accepts any mil-spec AR-15 butt stock
Speeds shot recovery
Military grade materials and manufacturing
Weight: 13.5 Ounces
Mil-Spec Hydraulic Fluids and Seals - Ambient operating temp certified for -30F - +150F.
For Remington 870, V3, Tac-13, Mossberg 500 and 590, Maverick 88, Beretta 1301 and many others
Requires an adapter [not included, see Kits on Products Page].
Can also be used on excessively hard recoiling rifles that have an AR-15 stock adapter. Please contact us for this application.

Any Mesa Tactical telescoping stock kit can be upgraded with a Kynshot Hydraulic Recoil Buffer tube which replaces the receiver extension tube in our stock kits and reduces felt recoil by up to 70%. Purchase either a complete replacement M4 SOPMOD recoil buttstock assembly, or the “drop in” hydraulic buffer alone which includes a stock nut.

The Kynshot Hydraulic Recoil Buffer takes the place of the receiver extension tube, converting the AR-15 telescoping stock into a recoil-buffered stock assembly without further modification. Recoil-buffered versions are available for both LEO® and High-tube® telescoping stock systems, or the recoil buffer can be purchased separately. The recoil buffer accepts mil-spec dimensioned buttstocks. The Kynshot Hydraulic Recoil Buffer is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and meets the stringent standards of military and law enforcement users. Our basic kits include the adapter and all necessary installation hardware. No gunsmithing is required for installation.

The Kynshot hydraulic recoil buffer is built to perfection and to perform at the highest level. The Kynshot buffer tube reduces felt recoil by up to 70% while improving accuracy. This advance in performance is achieved by increasing the recoil event impulse time through the use of adaptive hydraulic technology. Decreased felt recoil allows for follow up shots to be aimed quickly and precisely.

As agencies continue to appreciate the value of the tactical shotgun in their operations, and issue greater numbers of these weapon platforms, it is important they provide their officers with a stock system that delivers extreme durability with proper fit and superior recoil management. Mesa Tactical is a pioneer in recoil management and the development of telescoping stocks for tactical shotguns. Telescoping stocks are necessary for operators wearing body armor, or for smaller statured shooters; a telescoping stock provides the length of pull the situation demands.
Kynshot Tactical Shotgun Recoil Buffer


  • Dramatic recoil reduction up to 70%
  • Adjustable to fit user's feel and load
  • Accepts any mil-spec AR-15 butt stock
  • Speeds shot recovery