Vintage NVA M65 Gas Mask Set Includes Used Mask New Filter and Used Bag SHTF

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Original NEW Vietcong M65 Gas Mask
With every passing year, we see less and less of the NVA issued items. Occasionally, a diamond in the rough will surface and we jump at the chance to be able to bring it to the collector market at the non-collector price.

Ultra rare and limited in quantity, each Vietcong issued gas mask comes in a carrying bag and is complete with a new installed cheek filter. Masks and carrying bags appear to have been issued, but are in excellent condition worthy of display.

Due to the rarity of these masks, the quantities are extremely limited.

Gas masks and filters have expiration dates.

-We also sell family 2-packs
-Perfect for car or motorhome storage.
-Don't get caught with a paper mask when the situation gets serious.
-This is one of the LAST and MOST EXPENSIVE items available on the barter market in a serious disaster situation. 
-Excellent war-proven protection from Biological, Chemical, and Hazardous environments.
-Each mask is brand new, old stock, unissued and includes a new, sealed 40mm NBC filter
-All enclosed in a weatherproof polymer carrying case with fully adjustable shoulder strap. 
 -Five-point rubber rubber head harness (Please note, sadly you will have to shave your beard for this to be 100% effective)

Manufactured by renowned China gas mask producer 

Carry cases are sealed and may have original issue tags with original officers and soldiers names.
-Masks and filters are new, sealed, unissued, but carry cases will show normal signs of shelf wear.