Pistol Grip Fits WINCHESTER 1200 1300 Shotgun Storage Compartment and Sling Lug

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$1.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Pistol Grip to fit Winchester 1200 & 1300 model Shotguns

"Give Your Poor Shoulder a Break!"
Also includes a sling lug at the bottom of the grip and a storage compartment (Great for storing some waterproof matches, cleaning swabs, etc)
-Sorbothane recoil cushion that dampens the painful recoil of magnum loads.

-Your gun will be much quicker around corners and tight hallways.

-Rubberized feel with checkered texture.

-Sun and water resistant.  

-Comes with stainless sling loop

-Used most commonly for Military/Tactical/Home-defense uses.

-Virtually indestructible.