5 Pack Promag DESERT EAGLE .44 MAGNUM Magazines Mag 8 Round BLUE Magazine

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$10.40 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

 5 Pack of Promag 8 Round DESERT EAGLE .44 Magnum Magazines 

-Five Pack of Blue 8 Round Desert Eagle FULL SIZE Magazines. 

-We also have other Desert Eagle mags in other calibers like FULL SIZE (see store)
-Brand new in factory packaging.
-With Extended Slam Pad.
-One of the best mags in the business. Fully Factory Guaranteed.
-The Cheapest way to ensure PERFECT pistol function.
-The magazine holds 8 rounds of ammunition and has a blue finish. 
-Fits all .44 Magnum Desert Eagle Pistols

- Feel Free to ask any questions you may have and Shipping is only $3.00!!!!

Feel confident buying from an eBay Pro (this is our fourth, and newest, store).