2 Pack Ruger SR1911 AUTHENTIC Magazine 8 Round Mag Magazines SR 1911 .45 45

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2-Pack Ruger SR1911 8-round Magazines With Removable Baseplates

-Buyer receives a Two-pack of Ruger Brand 8 Round .45ACP Stainless Magazines.

-Premium quality mags at about half the price that Ruger would gouge you for.
 -Fits Ruger SR1911 and ALL full-size 1911's chambered in .45ACP
-8 round Single stack mag
-Made In the USA
-Stainless Easy loading
- Rugged high carbon heat-treated body
- Durable heat-treated music wire spring
- High-quality, injection-molded steel polymer base & steel follower
- Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Shipping is only $3.00!

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