1911 .45 Wilson Combat & XTA TRIGGER Skeletonized 'Black Oval' Hammer Spring Kit

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1911 TRIGGER/HAMMER Tune-Up Kit. XTA Skeletonized Hammer Lightweight 'Oval Hole' & Trigger (Brushed and Parkerized) With Checkered Stainless Grip Surface + Full Wilson Combat Professional Spring Set



-Brand new serrated Stainless Steel Black (OVAL HOLE) Hammer and Trigger to fit 1911 .45 auto pistols
-Lightweight alloy skeletonized trigger
-Skeletonized Heavy-duty build Hammer in a lightweight version.
-Includes fresh spring.
-Blue POWDERCOAT and brushed finish.
-Ideal for hurried, wet, gloved, or one handed slide releases
-Will not rust or tarnish
-Solid Stainless Steel
-Made by JTM/XTA Tactical right here in the USA in Plano, Texas
-Ideal upgrade for the 1911 builder

Skeletonized Alloy (Aluminum) Lightweight Adjustable Trigger

-Lightweight Short alloy Trigger
-Skeletonized finish
-Adjustable set-screw and allen wrench included.


Wilson Combat Full-Size 1911 Spring Kit

This top quality complete spring set for a full-size, 5” 1911 contains every spring needed to complete or upgrade your pistol. These heat treated music wire springs are the finest quality coil springs on the market and will provide you with exceptional service. Extra Power recoil springs are rated for standard velocity and high-velocity loads and a reduced power hammer spring improves your trigger pull and reduces the force required to cycle the slide.

This spring kit contains the following springs:

P10G18 - Spring, Recoil, Govt., 18 1/2#
P26 – Extra Power Firing Pin Spring
P27 – Reduced Power Hammer Spring 18#
R15A – Mag Catch Spring
R29 – Sear Spring
R33PS – Plunger Tube Spring

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