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1911 Officers Compact Clipdraw Black For Subcompact .45 Autos

Clipdraw Stainless Steel 1911 Belt Clip For .45 Officer (Subcompact) Auto in Black Finish.

Top-Selling Product finally back in stock after 3-Months!!!!!!

-Made for the Officers (subcompact model)
-Great for concealed carry
-Finally carry your 1911 without a holster
-Mounts underneath your hand grips for a unibody/sturdy installation

-Stainless Matte Black finish
-4140 stainless
-Mounts to the right side of your firearm, so be mindful of the placement for those that carry on the small of the back-center belt.
-Mostly for right-handed shooters.
-Made here in the USA.
-A 'must have' for the 1911 builder
-Factory new.  Made here in the USA in Malvern, PA

Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks for looking.
  • Model: OM-B

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