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Adaptive Tactical Mossberg 500 Sidewinder Venom Kit w/ 10 Rnd Drum and Standard Forend AT-05100


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Sidewinder Venom:

Venom 10 Rd. Rotary Kit Shotgun magazine conversion kit w/ 10 Rnd. Rotary Mag. 

Compatible with 18" Barrel Mossberg 12 Guage Pump Shotguns


  • Rapid reloads and increased ammunition capacity
  • Improved firearm versatility and performance
  • Durable polymer and alloy construction
  • Ideal for law enforcement, home defense, and competitive shooting
  • Designed for owner installation
Compatible with Mossberg 500 & 88 configured with 5/6 shot magazine tubes and 18" barrels

Includes forend kelley grip for faster pumping action!

"The Venom 10 Rnd. Rotary kit delivers faster cycle times, greater shell capacity, and lightning fast reloads to your Mossberg 12 gauge, transforming your shotgun into a Sidewinder Venom mag-fed tactical shotgun system.

And don't forget that these are MADE IN USA! Highest quality!

Included with purchase:

Complete shotgun magazine conversion kit for home installation. Includes 10 rd. rotary magazine, forend with action bars, magazine tube, shell follower, barrel clamp, forend grip, kelly grip, cutting tool, and installation guide. 

Check out the amazing video below. 

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  • Model: AT-05100

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